Andrew Bisdale | Photojournalist


Photo by Philipp Walzer

Andrew Bisdale graduated from Boston University in 2010, with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a concentration in Photojournalism.  He has studied photography since high school, though he has enjoyed taking pictures with some form of camera since early childhood.  In addition to his college education in editorial news photography, Andrew has become an experienced live performance photographer, and has shot numerous rock concerts, musical and dramatic plays, a capella performances and more.  He also enjoys taking portraits, both in the studio and on the street, though his strongest passions are for candid features and street photography.


In 2008 Andrew won several prizes in the Boston Press Photographers Association’s College Photo Contest, including first and second place in the Portrait category, and third place in the News category.  The following year, he was awarded an honorable mention for another one of his portraits.

In 2010 Andrew was hired at Davis Studio, taking photos of various sports, dances and events for high school yearbooks.  He was promoted in 2011 to a full-time portrait photographer position, where he quickly rose through the ranks, earning a Lifetouch Portrait Excellence award for his work.

Andrew has also begun working as the staff photographer for Spectrum, an organization at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He has had the opportunity to cover performances featuring Guster, Duke Special, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Academy Award-winner Glen Hansard.  He is excited to see where these opportunities will lead in the future.

Please feel free to get in touch for any reason – questions, feedback, rates, appointments, etc.  Andrew is currently expanding his professional repertoire, and is open to any and all freelance opportunities.